Clean VMware Update Manager on VCSA 6.5

Update Manager on VCSA 6.5

Conflicting VIBs during patching? Changing server vendors? Want to get rid of an old repository? All of the above?

I just ran into this scenario again, where a customer is changing from one server vendor to another. There was an Update Manager repository for the old server vendor, and those vendor-specific, conflicting patches for both critical and non-critical patches were included in the default baselines.

There is no nice way to remove individual patches or an entire repository worth of patches from the internal database. Instead, we must start from scratch. Take note of your settings, check your backups, take a snapshot, and reset Update Manager back to defaults.

Connect to vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 via SSH

Run the shell command to switch to the BASH Shell:


Stop the VMware Update Manager Service:

service-control --stop vmware-updatemgr 

Run the following command to reset the VMware Update Manager Database:

/usr/lib/vmware-updatemgr/bin/updatemgr-util reset-db

Run the following Command to delete the contents of the VMware Update Manager Patch Store:

rm -rf /storage/updatemgr/patch-store/*

Start the VMware Update Manager Service:

service-control --start vmware-updatemgr

The only things left to do is to log out, log back in, and you’ve got a fresh Update Manager waiting for your configuration. Don’t forget to clean up your snapshot!

See KB2147284 if you have any other questions, or comment below.

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