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The Human Factor

This is the first of [?] posts, participating in Blogtober in the virtualization community.

Sometimes the most difficult things to navigate in the IT industry aren’t which knobs to turn, buttons to push, or lights to watch for. It’s not always about what tech to focus on, or how to position your career to stay relevant. It turns out, the hardest thing in IT isn’t always so different from pretty much any other profession.

I’m talking about you. Others. Layer 8. People with different thoughts, opinions, expectations, styles, and history. You’re coming from a much different place than I am. I’m sure we have different knowledge bases, war stories, methods, and reasons for doing things.

All of these different things can combine in some really good ways. Maybe we compliment each other’s styles, and have a lot to learn from each other. Our styles can be similar, requiring less effort for interfacing. These differences, however, can also be a recipe for disaster.

Be Mindful

Consider these factors when you’re in a meeting, or sending an an email to someone else. What’s their style? Perspective? Opinions? It’s not off-base to even ask them these kinds of questions.

Clear communication can be terribly important to help avoid mistakes, save money, and sometimes literally save lives. It can make the difference in getting a promotion, or having to brush up the ‘ol resume.

In a less dramatic fashion, having communication skills with other people can make your workplace be a much easier place to be.

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